Yacovia: A Technology Company.

The Leader in Projection Displays.

Yacovia is a technology company. Our current goal is to transform the projection screen industry through heavy R&D and break-through, patented technology.

Yacovia recently submitted two provisional patent applications reflecting its core technical capabilities, patents A and B. This makes the total number of patents owned now 9.

Up till now, the global projector industry has been focused primarily on the development of new light sources and the improvement of the internal optical system of the projectors themselves, paying no attention to the impact of ambient light affecting projector screens.But it is ambient light that challenges the visual performance of screens regardless of how advanced the projectors become. Since the conventional white screen is the most widely used projection screen, it seems the industry standard for the use of projectors is for relatively dark environments.

Yacovia is changing that. Our new Visible-Light Spectrum Control technology solves the interference of ambient light on the display surface and restores the brilliant visual performance of the display screen. This allows projector screens to perform well in light environments just as they would in the dark.

The main function of patent A is the selective removal of unwanted wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum (including visible and invisible light).

Patent B completes the selective positioning of selected wavelengths to enhance the visual intensity of spectra within the RGB.

Other application scenarios based on this technology will be amplified through other means. At present, our foreseeable application scenarios include but are not limited to:

(1) High conversion solar panels.

(2) High efficiency heat insulation and heat energy conversion materials.

(3) New superconducting materials, semiconductor materials.

(4) High efficiency battery substrates.

(5) Novel thin film light source.